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In response to a profitable PLAY command in box 166, system 92 checks, in field 168 to affirm the participant is enrolled and confirmed. If the sport remains to be in the play period, as beforehand described the system checks, in field 168, to verify the player who texted PLAY in field 166 is enrolled and confirmed. ” in box 238. The system then checks to see if the any of the participant’s winvelopes are associated with prizes and determines whether the participant has prizes, in box 240, or has no prizes, in box 242. The way in which prizes are related to winvelopes is described later. An exemplary prize distribution might embody a single prime cash prize, e.g., ,000, and more steadily awarded lesser quantities, e.g., 5 at , 50 at , and so forth. The identical structure holds true for Bonuscash awards, which could also be used like money but only to play video games in the Acme Casino. The player successful the thriller prize, however, doesn’t know what the prize is until she or he redeems it at the gamers’ membership.

All prizes, money, the Mystery Prize, and Bonuscash are collected at the gamers’ club. The table above refers to three varieties of prizes: Cash, Bonuscash, and Mystery Prizes. As could be seen a beforehand opened winvelope (not proven) additionally contained cash, which is listed on display 262. After all of the winvelopes are opened, if all the mystery letters have filled within the phrase Bonuscash, the participant wins a Mystery Prize. Cannot wait to open these Winvelopes in the casino! Run totals have been going up for the final couple of years to begin with and a mean sport is usually in the 9.5-10 runs range. The typical number of winvelopes is decided by summing the winvelopes accrued by all qualified gamers, i.e., those ending the sport, divided by the number of such players. This server tracks the variety of winvelopes allocated to each participant of the game. As will be recalled, the cash and Bonuscash awards are disclosed to the player during the REVEAL sequence shown in FIGS.

In FIG. 11, when system 92 receives a PEEK textual content in box 182, it first checks (in box 236) to affirm that the participant associated with the phone number from which the textual content is received is enrolled, confirmed, and qualified to open winvelopes, i.e., has crossed the end line. When a player texts Assist in response (in field 146), system 92 sends text message 7 to the player’s cellphone. 12-17. Messages 41, 42 encourage the participant without prizes to play the subsequent round. FIG. 12 shows a circulate chart, indicated usually at 244, that depicts a process for informing an enrolled, confirmed, and certified (by finishing the sport) player of any prizes received. At the identical time the player texts REVEAL, message 47 in box 248 is distributed to the participant’s telephone. A dashed line 148 divides an higher process, which was just described, in which all the pieces goes in line with plan, i.e., the player does not make any typographical errors, is certified to enroll to play the sport, and texts ENROLL through the enrollment interval.

It Actually goes nicely with all Skin tone varieties. Referring to FIG. 2C, a video poker gaming gadget 10C may embrace a video display 20C that is physically just like the video show 20B proven in FIG. 2B. The video show 20C might present a poker hand of 5 cards 23C and various different participant info 21C together with a paytable for numerous profitable hands, as well as a plurality of participant selectable gentle buttons 29C. The video show 20C might current a poker hand of 5 playing cards 23C and various other participant data 21C together with quite a lot of participant selectable smooth (touch-screen) buttons 29C and a paytable for various profitable arms. In doing so, the system takes into consideration the number of winvelopes held by a player in addition to whether the player has gained one of many money or Bonuscash prizes. 38PEEKPEEK, initialI simply took a PEEK inside your Winvelopes.